Full Mouth Reconstruction

Dr. Wu specializes in Full Mouth Reconstruction, having received her training from the Pankey Institute and Spear’s Educational Center. The objective of full mouth rehabilitation is not only the reconstruction and restoration of the worn out dentition, but also maintenance of the health of the entire stomatognathic system. Full mouth rehabilitation should re-establish a state of functional as well as biological efficiency where teeth and their periodontal structures, the muscles of mastication, and the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) mechanisms all function together in synchronous harmony.

Occlusal Bite Splint

 Dr. Wu also specializes in treating bite related cases, such as customizing an occlusal bite splint.  A splint helps you feel the effect that small changes have had on your bite over time, as well as what it could feel like with appropriate therapy – in which the appropriate therapy can slow down the aging of your teeth. Wearing a bite splint is relaxing for patients with muscle tension and/or pain report dramatic relief.


Invisalign is an clear alternative to conventional braces. It can be used for correcting teeth alignment and improving esthetics but Dr. Wu often uses it to provide functional benefit as well which can maximize the longevity of your teeth.